Thursday, June 21, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about how far Husband and I have come--from the beginning of our relationship, getting married, the places we've traveled now when we're expecting Baby. For example, I remember when I wore this top (in fuchsia) in Toronto as a dress.
Blue top - Forever 21, Beige tank (underneath) - Have had forever, Gold cardigan - H&M, White watch - Michele Watches, Brown leggings - American Eagle
Granted, it was always meant to be a top and not a dress but, you guys, I packed all wrong and it was hot in Toronto. Whatever--it covered everything it needed to.
And now my belly's so big!
All of my dresses and tunics have gone up a couple of inches because of my belly.
And nothing really gets buttoned up anymore.
Even though my clothes fit differently, Husband and I are still able to gallivant and enjoy date nights. Soon I won't have my belly, but Baby will be here. It's hard to imagine the changes that are going to come along then....

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