Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fave of the Week (Savannah-style!): March 31-April 6 (and some daily outfit pics)

Once upon a time, Husband and I were a new-ish couple, planning our first trip together. Something in driving distance, somewhere to create fun memories. Then we saw a newspaper article about Savannah--promoting it as a romantic, charming town, with a lot of food to experience and great for walking around. We went and had a wonderful time, going on multiple walking tours and eating our share of food. (Also, I had recently read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. It was before I was on Goodreads so I can't give you my assessment of it at the time, but I remember it being a fun, interesting read!)

Anyhoodle, Husband surprised me with a babymoon trip all planned--a return trip to Savannah!
Standing in front of the Georgia Queen!
We stayed right on River Street, spending our first night there just wandering around, eating, then back to our hotel to crash. And as simple as it is, my first day outfit on Sunday was my fave of the week.
Blouse - Anthropologie, Grape-colored purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jeans - Destination Maternity, Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
There's something to be said for keeping it simple--sometimes it just works. A crisply-white blouse with a ruffle detail to keep it interesting, jeans, strappy sandals, and a fun-colored purse: a chic, comfortable travel outfit.

Notice anything different, by the way?
Saturday I spent the day pampering myself, which included cutting off the ratty ends of my hair.
Tunic (formerly a dress when purchased in middle or high school) - Sears, Jeans - Destination Maternity, Shoes (not shown) - Rainbow sandals (my pedicure-wearing shoes!)
The hairstylist also straightened the heck out of it, which isn't my normal look, but I do like to mix it up sometimes.
I always kind of forget that I really like it straightened. And a regular trim is so important!
Husband and I had a great time in Savannah. Our first full day there, we went to Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House for lunch. We heard it was preferred by the locals over Paula Deen's.
(Seen many times before) Dress - Gap Outlet, Blue boots - Frye, Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs
I liked the boarding house-style where we got to talk to the other tourists over our yummy food. Everybody else had traveled from further than us! And the mac and cheese rocked. We walked back to the river after while we digested and hopped on the Georgia Queen for a tour. Eventually we went to the Crystal Beer Parlor for dinner--a very nice walk to more of a local favorite.
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (get this--these are my big high school graduation present from my parents! Still got 'em!)
Our second full day, we went to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons, to compare it with Mrs. Wilkes.
Black dress - Pac Sun, Blue tank (underneath) - Destination Maternity, Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sandals - Rainbows (my feet have started to swell!)
Final verdict. I still loved the mac and cheese at Mrs. Wilkes, and the people working there were very friendly and sweet.
But overall, the food at Paula Deen's wins. See that biscuit to the left? See that hoe cake underneath it? Amazing. And Baby ate lots of green beans, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes.
We walked around some, but did most of our touring on a hop on-and-off trolley because I really can't walk as much as I used to! We did walk to dinner at the Olde Pink House (looove it there) and to Leopold's for ice cream later, though!
I tried the Japanese cherry blossom flavor, but ended up with Chocolate Chewies and Cream. Yummy!
Our final day, we took our time packing up but drove back early afternoon. So it was a quick trip, but a relaxing and special one! I won't ever forget how our first trip there was very romantic as a new couple, and our second trip was with our dear, sweet baby. And, boy, did I feel pregnant! And I must have looked it--many people asked me how I was feeling, if I was doing okay, or just offered their congratulations. So, yes, Savannah is very romantic and charming, great for food and walking, and now I know too that they have a lot of friendly people there!

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