Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Friday

Ahhh, this Friday was a good day. I took off from work, so there's one good thing.
Purple cardigan - Express, Snood - Primark, Dress - Pac Sun, Watch - Michele Watches, Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
It gives me a few more wardrobe options. Or at least makes me think I have more options. I originally put on this dress thinking, Whew, too short to wear to work!
Then I realized with the spaghetti straps, it was also not good to wear to Child's school event either. Whoops.
Adding this cardigan and scarf covered up enough to make it school or work appropriate!
Camera with flash this time. I can't decide which I like better.
I ditched everything but the dress because it got hot as the day went on. I went baby clothes shopping with Mom and that required a lot of walking! But before that, I was working in the kitchen.
Making crackle cookies! Or crinkle cookies? Also, brownie cookies.
Can you tell I'm still playing with the new camera?


  1. You got any of those cookies left? I sure am getting hungry right about now.

    1. The baby ate all of the extras....