Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fave of the Week: March 10-March 16 (and some daily outfit pics)

Choosing Tuesday's outfit as my fave of the week was a no-brainer because (1) I only had two outfits to choose from, but also (2) I love this cardigan so, so much.
Ballet wrap cardigan - Anthropologie, Dress - J. Crew, Burnt orange socks - Forever 21, Boots - Frye
Are those colors not gorgeous? The only tricky thing is the length of cardigan, which calls for a dress, usually of the empire-style.
But I've still worn it a lot! Don't be afraid to buy what you love because you'll find a way to wear it!
Also, a tip for petite ladies, or generally people that buy things that don't fit perfectly. Tailor your clothes! Or if you've been slow to do that, like me, cover up the problem areas. For example, this dress can be taken up a bit at the shoulders to be less cleavage-y. I didn't want to tailor this just yet because my body is changing so much anyway right now, so I put on this cardigan not only for its gorgeous colors, but to cover up my peek-a-boo bra.

Want to see my one other outfit from the week?

Cardigan - J. Crew, Dress - Libertine for Target, Belt - Primark, Watch - Michele Watches, Leggings - Bebe, Polka dot socks - Target, Boots - Naughty Monkey
I wore this Saturday, and actually on Sunday rewore this dress, with the main change being a switch to a black blazer. I wish I had the picture for comparison's sake!
Here's a bump pic to make up for the lack of outfit pics.

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