Friday, April 27, 2012

Closet Reorganization 2012

Here's a post that is literally about housekeeping issues (as opposed to "housekeeping issues" where I usually just tell you why my posts are late, etc.).

Husband and I have been trying to finish furnishing our room forever, and keeping in mind that Baby will be here in a few months, we finally got motivated and bought some dressers (the last major furnishings we needed in our room). We've been using our childhood dressers that were not only terribly mismatched, but too small, leading me to store more things in the closet, which turned into a mess.
2 1/2 bars like this--overstuffed, disorganized, with clothes thrown everywhere.
 Here's the scariest part:
I have 9 out of 15 cubbies, and they were overstuffed with jeans, purses, socks, scarves, hats, and bras, to the point where things spilled onto the floor. 
With the new dressers delivered, I also took the opportunity to clean out some old clothes. (Don't worry, Sister, they were either very out of style or just really old.) Once I had everything sorted out for trash or donation, I moved things around, put things away, and managed to get rid of a big plastic bin that held my winter sweaters. Since it was my goal to have everything either in the closet or in the dressers, I felt like, Victory!
I sorted my 2 1/2 bars of clothes (1 1/2 not pictured) by style and occasion (for example, work clothes vs. play clothes, trousers vs. skirts), then by color. Also put away my shoes that littered the floor!
See those plastic drawers to the right? I used to have underwear and bathing suits crammed in there, with tons of shorts, leggings, and PJs stacked on top. It was my goal to get rid of the plastic drawers altogether, but instead I decided to roll up all of my scarves for the top two drawers, and put gloves and foldable hats in the bottom drawer. I'm actually really pleased with it.
And the piece de resistance.
My main goal with my cubbies was to have everything clearly visible (not so crammed in!) and organized. For example, my jeans are at the bottom right, while my different colored pants and maternity pants are above them. Not-foldable hats that couldn't live in the plastic drawers are neatly stacked in the middle. I gave my big purses their own cubbies across the top, smaller purses in fun colors live at the left middle, black purses at the bottom left, and next to that, my most colorful spring and summer bags.

It's been over a month since my big closet reorganization, and do you know what the best part is? Everything is so well-organized that I don't want to screw it up, and actually, at this point where I have more space, it's kind of hard to screw up. My closet and dresser drawers are still really neat-looking (and I don't even have clothes thrown out my floor and bedroom chair anymore!).


  1. Your closet looks really good, nice and streamlined. I redid my closet a few weeks ago and now that it's organized I don't want to ruin it!

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of baby!

    1. Thanks so much, Cara!

      Glad to see others are benefiting from a clean closet!